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ICE Adventure HD

The Adventure HD now features our new designed handlebars which allow for a wider, roomier cockpit, an easy access swept cruciform, a new Ergo-Luxe ultimate in comfort mesh seat and a new handlebar clamping system with super secure indexed clamps ensuring easy alignment when unfolding and solid handlebar positioning.

Trident Spike 1

The Trident Spike is an excellent choice for the entry level triker. Comfortable, nice components, folding and economical too! Check one out today!

Trident Spike 2

The Trident Spike 2 is an upgrade from the Spike 1. In addition to the Spike 1 offerings, the Spike 2 has 24 speeds, and upgraded components. Check one out today!

Trident E-Spike

E Spike is a modified 8 Speed Spike 1- It ifeatures a 350W Geared Hub Motor, a special Cranket with sensors, a 36V 13 AH Rack Mounted Battery with built in light, and a Digital Display. With this system you can choose between throttle only or 6 different levels of pedal assist.

Trident Stowaway 1

The Stowaway models have always been Trident Trikes #1 sellers. The Stowaway I is our Base Model. Nicely equipped including fenders, rack, mirror, bottle cage and rear tail light.

Trident Stowaway 2

The Stowaway models have always been Trident Trikes #1 sellers. In addition to the Stowaway 1 features, the Stowaway 2 has upgraded equipment including adjustable handlebars and bar end shifters.

Trident Titan

The Trident Titan is a no-nonsense heavy duty folding trike at a reasonable price. The titan is capable of carrying 400 pounds, and is equipped with a nice component selection.

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